Hey Buddy: Focus on You

Ever wonder why things aren't going exactly as planned and everything around you is just crashing down? If you say no then I know you're lying, we have all been there once.

In my 21 short years of life I finally figured out my biggest problem. The reason why I was so stressed out is because I never made time for myself. Sure you take yourself shopping and hang out with your buddies but that is still not you time. Boyfriend/ Girlfriend/ Theyfriend hang outs and dates are still NOT you time. Make time for yourself hunny it's so important. Run that bubble bath, dance around the house with your headphones on and freak your dog out. Let your kitty look at you like what in the world hooman you imbecile. Make a tea that you enjoy. Conjure up some spirits (don't do this unless you have proper protection hehe). Be you! The list goes on guys. I worked my little tush off and I never made time for myself and this hurt me in so many ways. Everyone around me was happy and thriving and I kept the mentality that I needed to work to make ends meet but never gave myself a balance. You deserve you time, you deserve a slice of cake, a nap, a cuddle, a day without disturbance and blissful peace. If you haven't tried it yet please dear hooman, try and let me know how you feel after.

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